A gift certificate is just what the doctor ordered for those that you know would love the On the Rocks collections, but you are not quite sure which pieces they would love most!  A gift certificate can be used on any online purchases and can be purchased in mulitiples if you want to give more!  (Purchase (2) $25 gift certificates if you would like to give $50)  A customized code will be emailed to you that will be used at future checkouts for your recipient. 

On the Rocks Gift Certificate

  • On the Rocks will issue a full refund for most items returned in new condition within 60 days of the shipment date. 


    IMPORTANT: All returns to On the Rocks must include either the original receipt or a gift receipt and returned to the original place of purchase. We are unable to exchange items. 


    Stones that have been dropped and therefore cracked or broken are not able to be returned.


    To return an item, please contact customer service of the original store the items were purchased from.  If purchased directly from On the Rocks, contact us southernfriedstyletaylor@yahoo.com


  • Every product you buy from On the Rocks comes with a 30 day limited warranty. The warranty applies to products that have been confirmed as defective by On the Rocks, which may be repaired or replaced (at our sole discretion).


    Items that have been dropped and therefore cause a crack or a break in the stone are not able to be returned.